UK passport holders with a return ticket do not generally require visas to visit the Caribbean (the exception is Cuba, where a Tourist card is required). Visitors to the US Virgin Islands or to Puerto Rico with a UK passport are also accepted via the
US Visa Waiver Programme
Non-UK passport holders should check with the appropriate consulate or National Tourist Office before travelling.


Most Caribbean countries accept the US Dollar. The exception is the French West Indies – Martinique, Guadeloupe and Saint Martin – which deal in Euros. There are lots of local currencies, each with a different dollar exchange rate. US$ travellers cheques are widely accepted, as are the major credit cards, particularly in tourist areas. ATMs can be found in most towns and airports.

Medical tips

Vaccinations are not required to visit most Caribbean destinations. If in doubt however, visitors should be advised to check with their own GP before travelling. There are good medical facilities in nearly all the Caribbean islands and, if specialist care is needed, provision is made to be taken to a neighbouring country offering the required facilities. Travel insurance is of course essential

All visitors need to be aware of the strength of the Caribbean sun. It can be deceptive, particularly on cloudy days or when the tradewinds are cooling. High factor sun protection should be used at all times.

Whilst the Caribbean is not malarial, mosquito bites can be irritating. It is advisable to take insect repellent and apply liberally when the sun goes down.