Island hopping

With a colourful, quirky mix of styles and atmospheres, the Caribbean is perfect for island hopping. If ever there was a destination that was made for island-hopping, it’s the Caribbean. With thousands of islands, Latin American countries and a quartet of distinct cultures, this corner of the globe is ripe for exploration. The rich mix of cultures, history and nationalities that make up the Caribbean region has given this archipelago a unique flavour that goes beyond the usual tourist trappings.

Jump between these tropical outposts and you can combine a Spanish Latin vibe and English traditions or Dutch customs with Gallic chic. These can be mixed with the flavour of Central and South America where countries such as Belize, Guyana and Venezuela have their own very distinct characters along with their Caribbean coastlines. Each place has its own special appeal, and the big advantage is that they are easy to get to with an extensive network of local flights, cruises, ferries and yachts.

Having so many countries to choose from makes for a rich contrast. Mix the lush, mountain scenery of St. Kitts with the dazzling sands of Anguilla; the exclusive sophistication of Barbados with the eco adventure paradise St.Vincent and the tranquil, charming Grenadine islands for an authentic Caribbean experience; the sandy beaches of Antigua with the volcanic natural wonders of Dominica; or the lively casino scene of Dutch St. Maarten with the virtually untouched islands of St. Eustatius.