Known as ‘the land that time forgot’, the British Virgin Islands (BVIs) remains an undeveloped haven for all kinds of different natural treasures.


The BVIs, despite its recognition as one of the most spectacular destinations anywhere and the indisputable sailing capital of the Caribbean, presents over 60 islands, islets and cays for exploring its secrets. The BVIs are a British Overseas Territory, part of the Virgin Islands archipelago.


The islands are a numinous, flourishing and inspiring architecture of mountaintops, volcanic islands in a bright turquoise sea and pristine beaches. The destination offers the complete solution to low key tourism.


A colourful aquarium of the world’s most diverse sea life, extensive coral reefs with several renowned wrecks, vast outback, wildlife sanctuaries sheltering endangered species and completed with untouched, uninterrupted beaches, are all experiences not to be missed.


Many believe the BVIs are exclusive, but throughout the emerald green coastline are a series of locally-owned and inexpensive accommodation options fondly referred to as the Jewels of the BVI.


Whether it is discovering the natural phenomenon of The Baths, the alluring Anegada’s succulent lobster feasts, diving the Indians, or finding your own deserted island for the day, the BVIs are bountiful.


The British Virgin Islands play host to sailing events heralded as some of the best in the world.


The BVIs are served by connecting flights from gateways served by British Airways and KLM. Regional services into the BVIs are operated by Cape Air, LIAT, Rainbow International Airlines, Seaborne Airlines, Trans Anguilla, VI Airlink and Winair.


More information in the Guide to the Caribbean (pages 56-57).


Carnival Cruise Lines are pleased to offer cruises across the world to exciting destinations such as the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada and Panama. Spotlight topic


Several cruise lines include the BVIs on their Caribbean itineraries. More details will follow shortly.


Oil Nut Bay:
Oil Nut Bay is one of the world’s most secluded, comfortable and pristine natural settings and is located on a 300 acre private peninsula on the most eastern tip of Virgin Gorda in the BVI’s. Spotlight topic


Elite Island Resorts:

Elite Island Resorts is an impressive collection of seven unique beachfront resorts and provides the best in Caribbean holidays. Spotlight topic

The BVIs offers a wider range of accommodation options. More details will follow shortly.

Tour Ops

Fourteen CTO-member tour operators serve the BVIs. See pages 58-59 of the Guide to the Caribbean.


Three-Day Diving Itinerary :With over sixty dive sites in the BVIs, no matter what your level of expertise, you can plan the diving vacation of your dreams.
Day 1:
Head to Angelfish Reef on the lee side of Norman Island followed by Carvel Rock and its huge boulders off Cooper Island
Day 2:
The Wreck of the Rhone is the most prominent dive site in the BVIs. A Royal Mail Steamer, it sunk during the hurricane of 1867 with 125 persons on board. Dive the Rhone Reef, Blonde Rock, and Painted Walls followed by Alice’s Wonderland, a colourful coral garden, off Ginger Island.
Day 3:
Head to Anegada for some classic snorkelling and dive the Wreck of the Parmatta. Head South after lunch to The Chimney off Great Dog and Wall to Wall off West Dog.