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Boucan by Hotel Chocolat Overview 2014

The Boucan Hotel is our little slice of paradise, and we want to share it with you.

It sits amongst the lush cocoa groves of our Rabot Estate in Saint Lucia, and gives you the opportunity to experience the unparalleled romance of a cocoa plantation. You can enjoy the restaurant’s incredible cacao cuisine, treat yourself to a massage in the spa, explore hidden Caribbean beaches, or simply relax by the stunning infinity pool overlooking the majestic Piton Mountains.

Unparalleled Relaxation
Stay in one of only 14 Lodges, designed in a blend of Hotel Chocolat’s contemporary style and traditional West Indian charm – perfectly positioned to catch the cooling and soothing tropical breezes.

At Club Boucan, an area reserved exclusively for hotel guests, our black quartz infinity pool is 50 feet long and has stunning views of the Piton Mountains. Reclining sun loungers with shade options are available along with the services of a club steward for drinks, nibbles and lunch. The exclusive Club Bar serves estate fruit cocktails, chilled champagnes, prosecco and wines all day.

If you can bear to tear yourself away from the infinity pool, the Cocoa Juvenate spa is the perfect place to relax. Each of the therapy rooms also has mountain views to enjoy as your therapist soothes you from head to toe with one of our cacao treatments.

The cacao massage is a real highlight; you can choose which of our cacao oil lotions is the right one for you on the day – pure cacao, cacao-peppermint, cacao-rose, or cacao-nutmeg-cinnamon.
Caribbean Cocoa Cuisine

The Boucan Restaurant was launched in 2011, and was soon met with adoration from New Yorkers who were able to pop over on a short-haul flight. It’s now one of Saint Lucia’s most popular foodie destinations. The breathtaking minimalist design of the restaurant includes a soaring roof inspired by the shape of the cocoa tree, with its branches reaching to the sky, and shaded by the lush rainforest canopy. Its high platform makes it the ideal spot to appreciate the panoramic tropical views.

As a guest at the hotel you’ll be in prime position to enjoy it all, whether you’re sipping a fresh Cacao Bellini at sundown in the stylish bar, or delving into the pioneering menu. We explore the sweet and savoury nature of cocoa, together with the superb local produce found on Saint Lucia – from the huge array of fresh fish and seafood, to delicate salad leaves, vegetables and plentiful fruit grown on the estate.

The Ultimate Cocoa Experience
Unique only to the Rabot Estate, and drawing on our expertise as a chocolatier as well as a grower, the Tree-to-Bar is an exclusive opportunity for guests to create their own chocolate. The experience starts with guests walking on the estate cocoa groves, selecting ripe cacao pods cut from the tree, and ends with making their own chocolate bars and truffles from beans that guests have roasted themselves.

The tour includes all the stages in between: seedling nursery, fermenting room, sun-drying station, grinding, mixing and lots of tasting! You can even plant your own cocoa tree, then come back in a few years to taste the cocoa it produces. If you want to take your cocoa immersion even further, you can meet our Saint Lucian Island Growers, and taste the cocoa we use in our own Hotel Chocolat products.


Boucan Hotel

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