Discover a country where places cannot only be located by map, but also found with the soul.  One of the last unspoiled places on earth and just a two-hour flight from the U.S., Belize is the perfect trip for travellers in search of unique, non-touristy experiences in a Caribbean/Central American getaway.


Situated on the eastern coast of Central America, Belize offers an amazing tropical getaway with warm turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, and so much more. Here you can experience more in one country than you would ever imagine. From lush tropical rainforests to mysterious Maya temples, to scuba diving with whale sharks in the western hemisphere’s longest barrier reef, Belize truly has something for every traveller.


The country’s greatest resource is its people. Known as a cultural melting pot you’ll be greeted by a mix of traditions carried on by Garifunas, Mennonites, Kriols and Maya, all coming together to create a uniquely Belizean experience; all in an English-speaking country.


An enduring commitment to the preservation of Belizean lands and waters inspires a genuine and intimate connection with Belize. Wherever you come from, you are invited to discover what it’s like to leave all notions of the expected holiday behind and simply discover how to be.


Ambergris Caye was selected as the ‘NUMBER ONE Island in the World’ on TripAdvisor’s TravellerS’ Choice Awards.


Belize is served by connecting flights from gateways served by American Airlines/American Eagle, British Airways, Delta, KLM and United Airlines. More information in the Guide to the Caribbean (pages 56-57).


Carnival Cruise Lines are pleased to offer cruises across the world to exciting destinations such as the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada and Panama. Spotlight topic


Several cruise lines include Belize on their itineraries. More details will follow shortly.


Belize offers a wide range of accommodation options. More details will follow shortly.

Tour Ops

Three CTO-member tour operators serve Belize. See pages 58-59 of the Guide to the Caribbean.


Day 1: Begin your journey in the sleepy fishing village called Hopkins. It’s a great stop for relaxing on the beach, hiking the rainforest, Maya site exploration and day trips offshore for snorkelling, scuba diving or deep sea fishing.
Day 2:
See the wildlife and more at Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Reserve, one of the world’s only jaguar reserves right on the edge of the Maya Mountains and rainforest.
Day 3:
Visit Punta Gorda, for a great blend of cultures and travellers. Colourful markets are filled with local produce, vendors and goods from neighbouring countries.
Day 4:
Depart for a uniquely Belizean cultural experience in a Mopan Village – The Maya Homestay allows stays with a Maya family to enjoy a low-key, intimate cultural exchange.